Motion Community Update 08/20

Another week down and more updates for the community! We’re happy to share with our readers this past weeks achievements as well as our short term plans coming. If this is your first time hearing about Motion, Welcome! You can get even more information by visiting our website at where you can find our Whitepaper, a quick and short description, as well as our simple to use technology.

Let’s recap of this past week:

  • PWA Wallet updates
  • First News Article about Motion Released
  • Brand New Motion Explorer
  • First plans of the Community development program made

First, we are happy to showcase the PWA Wallet. We made in 2 weeks what most projects do in 2 months. Going forward, we are planning to focus on the PWA wallet as our future cross platform wallet because It’s far more lighter than QT and doesn’t get caught in the same security scans as it is web based.

The First Motion Article is out! If you haven’t read it yet please check it out at:

This is just a beginning of our Motion Marketing. Also worth a mention is the Motion Marketing Bounty- If you aren’t already applied please join! More info at:

We’re happy to give everyone the updated explorer which can be accessed at:

Last but not least, some big community projects coming to Motion through the Community Development Program! One of our first goals will be an IPFS Network built on the Motion Masternodes and will be the base for a range of projects. Developments for the first of these projects are already being discussed in discord.

Whats coming up?

  • Motion Marketing Bounty will come to an end in 10 days!
  • Motion Multi Pool
  • IPFS testnet
  • Motion video series

First, we do need to apologize as the Motion Video series has been delayed. We are working on this and hopeful to have out a new video, whereas we are aiming to release one video every two weeks to give simple how to’s as well as an epic trailer of what Motion is, and what we are doing.

Motion Multi Pool! We are very close to releasing a uNOMP based Mining Pool for Motion- the specs of which are:

  • Multi Pool with software to switch between mining profitable coins (starting with x16r)
  • Payouts in XMN
  • Zero Pool Fee
  • Market Making Program

The planned program is perfect for miners who are mining for the purpose of saving for a masternode, or for those who just want to help with supporting the value of Motion. We plan to start with mining x16r coins as most of the community members have rigs tuned for this algo, and a plan in development to release a forked version of autominer that can help our users to automatically switch between the most profitable coins. To provide liquidity for the project we will change the Market Making Program- More info at: The planned change is to support market making on other exchange tables besides BTC, so as to bring liquidity to our project for the Multi Pool.

The Motion IPFS Network will bring one of the first uses of XMN Motion, a “Network as a service” This will give a backbone for many projects. Daily developments are made for this and we are hopeful to see a beautiful outcome for the Motion Community.

As a healthy reminder, Join the Bounty! With only 10 Days left, don’t miss your chance! More info at:

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