During November, we put on our fitness trackers, and then we ran like Usain Bolt and cycled like Lance Armstrong (without the steroids, of course). Why? We wanted to raise as much money as possible for Kältebus München e.V. Positive side effect: an active lifestyle during this cold corona-home-office-time. As you’ll read in this blogpost, it turned out to be way more than just moving to donate.

MOVEmber: Raising awareness and giving to those in need

In the past couple of years, people have established November as a month to raise awareness or donations for specific causes. …

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Our vision is to become the best place for techies. Naturally, this is a rather abstract goal. In this blog post series, we will explain how we turn such an abstract vision into reality. Today, we will look at three concrete methods that make clear how everything we do pushes us towards the realization of our vision.

What makes us the best place for techies?

In our day-to-day work, our vision serves as a guideline for all of our actions, goals and decisions. Everything gets assessed with “Does this make us a better place for techies?”. If yes, it provides Motees with more opportunities to act on their…

Our vision is to become the best place for techies. Naturally, this is a rather abstract goal. In this blog post series, we will explain how we turn such an abstract vision into reality. Today, we will have a look at the key elements of the Talent Journey. You will find out which ideas and principles we built this crucial Motius element on.

The underlying challenge

As we all know, tech companies are just as good as their techies, i.e. engineers, developers etc. Logically, every tech company wants to have the best techies. Unfortunately, there is a dilemma: high demand meets scarcity because…

You know how we always say that we build those products that have a real impact on the world? It is time to give you another example of that. With our chatbot solution, one of the biggest insurances worldwide was able to respond to COVID-19, the coronavirus, in real time. Here is how.

How does the coronavirus affect insurances?

We are very sure that you have heard about COVID-19, commonly called coronavirus, so we will not go deeper into the explanation of the virus. If you need more information on the whole topic, make sure to read trustworthy sources like:

  1. World Health Organization: information and guidance…

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Blockchain technology has been hyped for quite a while now. Don’t get us wrong — the technology definitely deserves a lot of attention and really makes life easier for some use-cases and industries. But sometimes, we have the impression that people just try to throw a blockchain on any problem and hope that magic will happen. This hype seems to be trending throughout all of the industries. So let’s clear things up here — what are the actual benefits of blockchain?

Experts on Blockchain in the Bundestag

In November, the German government held a public hearing regarding blockchain. Six industry experts were there to answer 30…

After all the promises made and expectations raised, we’re checking on the current state of AR and VR and what this technology is and isn’t capable of.

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The hype surrounding AR & VR made us dream

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) are two technologies that promise real-life application of some of our wildest sci-fi tech-dreams like…Holographic screens and data floating about in a workspace, views of the Bahamas out of a 20th story New York apartment… or maneuvering your Delorean through the legs of a t-rex at about 80 miles per hour. But what can AR and VR deliver right now? How can they improve our…

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When the PM of India started his talk with “the effects of digitization…” at the World Government Summit I was preparing to activate my stare-daydream-nod-clap conference mode. Having been in the Tech scene for the last 10 years, I thought there is nothing new I can hear about the effects of digitization. I was wrong. Mr. Modi along with several other thought-leaders in governments were talking about challenges I have never heard of in the industrial world before. However, I have seen similar challenges and solutions in neuroscience. Governments today seem to face problems that nature solved by evolving brains.

This article is based on one of our thought experiments we had in the Motius ThinkTank. At Motius we have the privilege of being close to the newest technologies and at the same time working with leading companies around the world on developing the future of different industries. Such thought experiments are based on our observations, discussions with our partners and Friday-mornings coffee-fuelled debates combined with a bit of analysis.

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A new market segment of digital butlers

Virtual assistants have lately been popping up around the digital landscapes and gaining more and more attention. Cortana by Microsoft, Alexa by Amazon…

Everybody is talking about Design Thinking (DT), but not everyone knows what it means to work with this process. In this article, I will take you on a quick tour and show you how Motius is usually doing Design Thinking.

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Herbert Simon, in the “Sciences of the Artificial” (MIT Press, 1969) has defined “design” as the “transformation of existing conditions into preferred ones” (p. 55). Having this in mind it’s possible to see that design is something that lies in the future and needs to be created. …

We talk a lot about how Motius is working with the newest technologies every day, developing ideas and prototypes that may shape our future. Here is one of them — the HoloActive Touch by BMW Group. It is basically a mixture of a hologram with haptic feedback and gesture control. Motius was responsible for the hardware setup and the software running the hologram.

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Motius Innovation at CES2016

The project

It was in late 2016, by the mid of October when a Motius team started its work, so just three months before the CES. The team consisted of three, a software engineer, a hardware developer…


Motius is an R&D company specialized in emerging technologies. Check out our publication: https://medium.com/motius-de

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