March Madness: UX Edition

All over the country, college basketball fans are watching with excitement as their favorite teams compete for the championship title. Friends, co-workers and classmates are forming brackets, hopeful that their team prevails as victor. We were inspired by this enthusiasm and decided to host our own version of March Madness: The UX-cellence Tournament.

Rules & Regulations

Contestants selected a brand to defend to-the-end. Contestants will go head to head, evaluating their brands on aesthetics, messaging, and site feasibility and organization. Also, contestant must also tell one personal story that exemplifies their brand’s superiority in holistic customer experience.

Contestants can utilize any means of presentation they choose through visual, auditory or interactive formats and are limited to five minutes. The winning brand will be chosen by a jury of peers and advance to the next round.

Multiple brands have entered the competition pitting their customer-centric UX practices against another but only one survives!

Week One Match-ups

  • Wawa vs. FIFA
  • Craigslist vs. Publix

See this week’s highlighted winner:

Follow the tournament on YouTube and check back in on Medium to get updates and breakdowns of upcoming matches.