Reimagining Our Favorite Movies in 4DX

We saw The Jungle Book in 4DX… on accident. Extremely entertained, we couldn’t fathom watching a movie any other way. The experience left us wondering, “is this what is was like when people used the Internet for the first time?”.

The theaters have ‘motion chairs’ which are a combination the standard movie theater seat, a massage chair at a nail salon and the seat on the Hanna Barbera ride at Universal Studios. (Hence its name), the chair’s movement mimics the film’s movement. As Mowlgi runs across shaky tree branches, your chair slightly jumps and vibrates. As Kaa coils slowly, tightly around Mowgli, your chair slowly swirls and spirals. The movement is engaging and creates luring feelings of involvement and excitement. The best part about 4DX is experiencing the film’s physical environment. As rain fell in the jungle, water spouted and sprinkled on the theater. I’m not talkin’ about a drop here & there — you got wet.* The seats also release mist and scent (aka Smell-o-Vision). When fire unleashed on the screen, smoke-scented mist sprayed through the outlets on the seats. Some of the other scents were harder to recognize/place but were still enjoyable and evoked feelings of being in the jungle.

*Note: the chair does give you the option to turn off the 4DX features.

We were in agreement — and amazement — that 4DX is a great way to experience stories. Our imaginations quickly ran through countless movies we’ve seen and considered the possibility of 4DX within those stories. What if 4DX was used in our favorite childhood films?

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)

What if the chair vibrate quickly when the shrink machine is activated?

What if you smelled smoke when the kids approach the cigarette?

What if water splashed during the Cheerios, “Don’t Eat Me!” scene?

What if the ‘Leg Pricklers’ of the chairs kick in when meeting Antie?

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

What if the chairs vibrate and jump during the horse chase scene?

What if water splashed when they jump off of the cliff into the river?

What if a flash of light and chair vibration happened when they blow up the train with dynamite? (“Dang, they should integrate heat into 4DX”)

What if the chair moved up and down as Butch Cassidy is trick riding on a bicycle?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

Upon take off, what if there was the smell of smoke and chair rising to to feel like you were flying?

In the castle, what if your seat moved as they danced like wind up dolls?

Obviously, when the car is flying, what if your chair moved and the wind was blowing in your face?

When the car is a boat, what if your chair moved to feel like you were going over waves, smell the ocean air, and feel the wind in your face. (“It would also be cool if you could feel warm air — is that possible?”)

Gremlins (1984)

What if every time the gremlins got wet, you were splashed with water?

What if every time the gremlins are fed after midnight, the appropriate aromas filled the theater?

What if every time the gremlins spawned/hatched, your seat shook?

What if during the explosion scene, your seat shook, and you smelled gun powder, and felt lots of wind?

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