We Downloaded theSkimm App and We’re Obsessed With It.

Two years ago a designer on staff introduced me to theSkimm. Though it didn’t completely replace the spot in my heart for my beloved New Yorker, I found myself having a love affair with its witty content and easy readability. Through a UX lens, I saw this as a brand that really understood me, the user. Aesthetics, tone, time of delivery — it all speaks to me and I began to share/tweet/forward theSkimm (Enter: brand advocacy).

I expect theSkimm’s email every morning, so I was surprised to see Big news from theSkimm in my 10pm inbox. The email (humbly) boasted of the upcoming (today at 6am) release of their first iPhone product. We downloaded the app, put on our UX goggles on and did a product review:

How is this different than getting an email? Its 2016, so I check my email every morning. I don’t have to think about going to look for the news anywhere — it just shows up in my inbox via theSkimm. Having to check an app just seems like another thing to add to my morning routine. However, before even being prompted to log in, the app let me know that it provided value far beyond the email newsletter.

The app gives me the option to “Skimmify” my calendar. By relevant upcoming pushing events to my attention, I’m able to instantly add them to my calendar with one button.

+Love: This saves me 4 extra steps to actually getting the event on my calendar (step 1 being remember the when it is which is where I typically fall off).

What if I could follow curated “Skimm Calendars” (ie: Music Lovers or Foodies) to be in the know on all my favorite things?

Another differentiator is the ability to Skimm Ahead. This allows you to see upcoming events (like the very important GoT premiere). Buttons at the end of each module take you to exactly where you need to go (featured ‘watch’ button takes you to HBO) and launches the complimentary app/product/site right on your screen.

+Love: Don’t make me think. Thanks for providing me with what I want to do and how I need to make that happen.

How it looks and how it works. The app reflects the same branding as the email template and has an easy, clean nav at the bottom with 4 options: Today, Skimm Ahead, Daily Skimms, and Settings. The content is scattered with Emojis and feels like a text message from a friend. However, I forgot my glasses today and there is no Settings option to increase font size, making the text a little difficult to read.

Overall, we love it! The app functions smoothly: all buttons go where they should, aesthetics and tone are consistent and the experience is engaging.

Tell your friends! Download the app and easily share any of its content with the social buttons following each story.

We did :)

And, for all the UX news you can’t get on theSkimm, we’ve got you covered.