Short story that happened in my life.

During the last month I have been chatting with a girl. She was a friend in common, there on Facebook, so I decided to add her and to let her know that I was interested.

We have been chatting for a whole month. Usually I don’t like these kind of thing.. I’m a guy that want to chat for 1–2 weeks, meet the girl and see if she like me too.

With this girl things went differently, but I was comprensive for her story and for what she said to me about her past.

She said that she had two important relationships and during both of them, boyfriend cheated on her. So she was distrustful about boys.

After reading this I began to be comprensive, and I didn’t want to force her. I also tried to cut off the discussion with her several times (so if she wanted to stop chatting, she had various opportunities), but she wanted to chat with me.

We had a long chat. Every day for an entire month.

Last night I wanted to go ice skating, even if I was exhausted about my weekly routine at the gym.

It calms me down and relax me.

So, I was skating and then I noticed a familiar face. She was her WITH A GUY.

I thought “what the f**k?.. Let me check another time”

I waited for her and when she passed near me, she recognized me and I had the confirmation.

So, let me think..

“why did She say that story to me?”

She should have said that she wasn’t interested in me or that she was meeting another guy. I would have preferred the truth instead of this behaviour.

By the way my final question is: “why did I become comprensive about her story?”

Usually I’m not a believer.. You can tell me whatever story you want and, if I don’t care, I would just say “ok. Wow. Amazing". I don’t care if you said to me a lie or not, if it makes you feel better to be “believed” then I will let you think so.

But in this case I was weak and I became comprensive. I trusted and I made a mistake.

This minuscle thing that happened in a short period of my life, something that I like to see as a little wave in a sea full of waves, made me think about trust.

She was cute and I liked her physically, but this doesn’t mean I had to trust and believe her excuses.

In my opinion everything we do, every choice we make, every failure/success we achieve can change the way we approach similar situations.

It’s up to us to analyze and learn from our past.

“Have no regrets in life because of the choices you make. Good or bad, they are a learning experience, to help you grow. The only regret in life, is to never make a choice at all”

So I learned this:

Believe only a low number of people. People that you trust. Don’t give a f**k about this kind of story, they may only hurt you.

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