14 Reasons Why We ride. What’s Your?

Motorcyclists pick up riding for different reasons and we have identified 14 such reasons which definitely would relate to your reason to ride. Do you connect with these?


Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing. For many bikers riding a motorcycle is not a hobby or need, it’s Passion. All they want in life is to travel to every corner of the world on their motorcycle. There is a deep fire in their belly for riding which will make them achieve impossible miles, paths & terrains. Bikers will not mind devoting a good amount of time and income for their motorcycles. In the hierarchy of needs, for them it’s motorcycling that stays on the top. Passion when turned into profession gives birth to champions like Joey Dunlop, John McGuinness, Giacomo Agostini, Valentino Rossi, Stephane Peterhansel, C.S. Santosh and several other world class champions. Such passion influence billions around the world creating impressions of a lifetime.


Riding a motorcycle gives you a sense of freedom. You are in total control of the moment, you are not just riding, you are flying and there are no set limits to stop you. You can travel to any place with complete freedom. It lets you be you without anyone’s permission. Just like a kid who was always restricted to his space but as soon as he gets on his bicycle, it’s the moment of freedom, he now breaks those chains and flies through the street on his bicycle with the widest smile on his face.
It might sound like a cliche but it’s true, when on your bike you experience the open air with the wind brushing through your face, all the colors around is vivid and vibrant. The sound of the motor and the vibration which you feel. The obscured view going on around you. It’s an embracement of senses and acts as oxygen to your soul. We just love it, the sheer enjoyment of being on a motorcycle.


For most of the riders its speed and thrill that keeps them on their motorcycles. Motorcycles are legal drugs that make you high and take you into a transcendent state of nirvana. The high of power and the acceleration they get at the flick of their wrist is something that they look for and can’t keep themselves away from. The thrill of clocking high speeds on their odo after hitting the rev limiter beyond its limit on each shift is something they are addicted to, which gives the best adrenalin rush a motorcyclist can ever ask for. It’s a good addiction and a good high provided they ride on safe paths or tracks with all the protective gears on.


Motorcycling is one thing that keeps friends together and it will till the end of times. Everybody taking out time from their schedule and then going out for a ride is something that you will see only in the motorcycling community. The bond of friendship grows deeper when it is associated to a motorcycle. Be it a breakfast ride, a night ride or a long road trip, they are always up for it.


You will meet some of the nicest people on your rides. When you ride a motorcycle you always wave to each other even when you don’t know each other which is not something car drivers do. No matter which motorcycle you are riding nor does it matter from which part of the country you belong, there is always the bond of brotherhood that gets motorcyclist together. They are always there to help each other at any point of time. It makes you less introvert as it is the best way to socialize and know new people during two-wheeled events, including bike shows, rallies and other rider get togethers.

Stress Buster

Have you ever seen a motorcycle parked outside a psychiatrist’s clinic? We are pretty sure the answer you will have is No, because riding a motorcycle takes away all the tension and stress, like you have rebooted your system. Riding a motorcycle brings a sense of calm and ease to your mind and body, which could be achieved otherwise only through meditation.Also, many riders refer to their bike as their therapist, as motorcycles make you feel energised and refreshed after each ride. It is a therapy, a way of life that helps bind love for a couple riding together. It lets you have your own space while getting time to forget everything that has been bothering you.

Wheels Of God.

Open your map, choose a destination, pack your bags and there you go. No matter what destination you choose, motorcycles are ready to take you there. Into the jungle, over the mountains, between the woods, across the river or beneath the caves, motorcyclists love the solitude and freshness these places give to them. Motorcyclist will research intensively on such places and head towards the destination no matter how tough the road is. Travelling to known places do not interest them, they would prefer over landing where the goal of the ride is the journey itself.

Improves Mental Health.

As already stated, it’s a true fact that you never see a motorcycle parked outside a psychiatrist’s clinic. A riders brain is stimulated and becomes more active while riding a Motorcycle. Riding on your motorcycle daily definitely has positive effects on mental and emotional health, it helps you with stress reduction,it helps you get out of depression and to flush out all your worries. It surely proves to be the best antidepressant in the world which blows the cobwebs from your mind. Bikes are magical that they can turn tragedy into triumph.

Improves Physical Health.

There is no age bar to ride your motorcycle. We have seen Motorcyclist who say, “82 years old. Ride every day, depending on the weather. Only medication, one baby aspirin a day. No health issues” and they still aspire to ride for another 100 years, which surely is a source of inspiration to us. People suffering from different physical injuries forget their pain when they are riding. All of the activities involved in steering a bike, moving it at slow speeds, etc., serve to strengthen muscles in the abdomen and also helps you with, healthier, stronger knees and thighs. You burn calories while setting up things before a ride or while pampering your motorcycle with a wash. It requires effort while riding to maintain balance, shift, brake, control the clutch, battle headwinds, etc. which ultimately burns a lot of calories and also strengthens those muscles.


All of you would agree to the fact that, Motorcycles are fun to ride. There is a lot of entertainment filled within it that awaits you to get it out. You can pull those amazing wheelies or stoppies by just playing with the throttle. It can make you fly in the air on those humps or make your kiss the road on those curves. Motocycles gets the best out of you by making you an ape while performing the ape hanger or by making you an acrobat while performing the Hyperskin, Switchback. Christ or De activator. We all know that smoking is injurious to health but not when it is coming out of a burn out, which gets us to the fact that, no biking event is complete without the smoky burnout.

Easy Peasy.

Environmentalists choose bicycles over motorcycles and motorcycles over cars. They do believe that the motorcycles cause lesser harm to the environment in terms of pollution and traffic. Over these are the bikers who didn’t choose motorcycle but motorcycle chose them, meaning, motorcycle is their last resort for transportation. With the city’s hustle and bustle, opting for a motorcycle for travelling comes in handy helping you to cut through any packed traffic with ease, saving time and money. For these riders going on long ride doesn’t amuse much and such thoughts wouldn’t cross their mind. They are very happy with their bike which gives them the convenience to maneuver in the city, better parking options and low maintenance cost.

Chicks Dig Bikes.

The pull on the throttle is directly proportional to how hot a chick is — this is a generic approach of most of the motorcyclists, who would rev hard when they see a chick digging at their motorcycle. Chicks don’t care who hides under the leather suit, but they sure do dig motorcycles. They might complain about motorcyclists who behave as hooligans, but deep down they would admire a motorcycle when it passes by, in fact, chicks find motorcyclists hot. It definitely inspires many girls to ride motorcycles and we do want to see an increase in the number of lady riders, so go ahead and be that source of inspiration.


Let’s face it, bikes are super cool and hot at the same time. Motorcycle between your legs increases your coolness factor by 10 times. With all the gears and armor on you definitely look cool but don’t make that as your purpose of motorcycling as there are some riders who take up motorcycles just to have these few seconds of coolness.

True Love.

Have you ever noticed that the motorcyclists will always have a gender to their bike? Guys will refer to their machine as “She” and lady riders refer to their bike as “He”. It’s because the relationship between a bike and its owners is not about ownership but about love. Motorcyclist get committed into a serious relationship with their motorcycle and it so happens that the motorcyclist would choose a motorcycle over their lover. There is a romance between them, with all the selfies that they take with the bike and update statuses on social media every now and then. So think twice before asking a motorcyclist to stop riding his bike! We have warned you.



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