Dinner and an Album Episode 1

As the weather begins to warm and the buds begin to appear on the trees, my musical tastes shift towards music that reminds me of warmer days. Days in my early twenties when the windows are down, the stereo is up and opportunities are endless. Driving to the beach or the nature center with friends, old dirt roads and unknown destinations.

We would listen to REM’s Life’s Rich Pageant, The B-52’s Planet Claire and older stuff like Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Beach Boys. Our tastes were eclectic and all we cared about was having fun in the sun.

There was one band that embodied this time for me more than any other, and with our first 70 degree day, I feel it only proper to make The English Beat’s I Just Can’t Stop It the theme for my first Dinner and an Album. In honor of The Beat’s roots in Birmingham, I will be making Fish Balti over Basmati rice.

Balti is a very popular dish all over England, but it is especially popular in Birmingham. Balti seems to have arrived in England in Birmingham in 1971; one theory is that it originates from Baltistan in northern Pakistan.

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