Chilean Police Receive 64 BMW Motorcycles

During a special ceremony, the Chilean President Michelle Bachelet made a statement of equality among male and female Carabineers by presenting 32 BMW F700GS Authority Motorcycles to female and 32 male Carabineers. The President stated that from now on, men and women will receive the same equipment in order to perform their duties.

Carabineers receive three months of rider training from BMW Motorrad Certified Trainers who teach on-and off-road safety and safety riding skills such as wearing Carbon fiber helmets. All of these skills were displayed during the ceremony by the female Carabineers in a complex skills demonstration. Every Carabineer was also equipped with a BMW System VI Evo Helmet, Allround Boots and Rallye 3 Gloves. Female Carabineers were upgraded from scooters and now are able to broaded their duties to convoy guarding, operations, rescue and much more.

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