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Aggressive Love

This is oxymoron. Love should be gentle and kind. Many times, love is. There are times though when clichés do not suffice. Love takes on another persona, the aggressive, compelling type.

If you love someone, you roll up your sleeves and do whatever it takes to bring that person joy, comfort or rid them of pain. People who fall into love know too well, how hard they anguish about whether they are loved back. When does this love I feel get reciprocated? I have been there. Here’s Timi Dakolo’s ~ The Vow:

Timi Dakolo ~ The Vow

A long time ago, I fell in love with the fairest maiden. She filled my naive mind night and day. I longed for an opportunity to be close, to walk with, to speak to her. She on the other hand knew me as a friend, and had other plans. The “breakup” was painful first in my mind, but also created physical headaches. Like they say, “Hell has no fury than a woman scorned”. This is also true for men: “Luxury has no comforts for a man rejected”. Needless to say, I was dejected.

True love is never gentle. Love is a verb. Love takes action. Sometimes that action is aggressive. Like stopping injustice against the one you love. Love hates pedophiles and rapists. Love hates verbal abuse. Love fights against objectifying women.

Love can make you travel miles uncelebrated; drive all night through rain and snow to meet the one who makes your heart feel warm. Love gets truly pushy at times. We have heard of hate crimes, but there are also love crimes. When people break the law for the one they stand with. No one should ever break the law for any reason, but some people do for love.

What have you done for love? Have you given your last dime, walked miles, left a job, sacrificed comfort, or endured physical pain for love? Have you? Love songs are so cheesy but people love them still. Adele’s Hello was one of 2015 most viewed song on YouTube. Her aggressive push to get her love back resonated with people across all divides. Love is a language everyone, everywhere understands.

One of my personal favourite love songs for 2016 is Little Mix’s ~ Secret Love Song ft. Jason Darulo. This is a great song in many ways; vocal harmony, video production and rhythm. It however, epitomises the controversial concept of stolen love (cheating), society rapidly glamourises. How surreal that the best love songs croons for cheating on the one we love. Love should be much stronger than the nice songs we sing. True love is.

Love is what makes an eagle kick out her eaglet from the nest into the skies so it can fly. Love makes parents insist children grow up. Love can knock down a mountaineering friend, before they plunge down a precipice to certain death. Love can be aggressive in action, even if its intent is wholesome.

Love is home. It is where the heart feels safe. Love is family. A man will exchange everything he owns for love. Though many imagine love as a lie, there is no reality greater than a heart pulsating with love. It is consistent, never selfish and bears no records of wrongs. Every heart captured by love believes. The greatest book on earth chronicles this:

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends”

The greatest love is expressed, when you bow in death for the one you love. Die for someone? No way! No legal system will require this of you. No friends or family will understand this. When you exchange your primal entitlement for someone because you feel warm towards them. Only one man in History died for love and lives today to demonstrate what love is all about. He is Jesus Christ. God is Love.

Life comes with its fair share of challenges. There may be an economic downturn, a job loss, loneliness, childlessness, depression, substance dependency or even debilitating illness. One thing that can endure is human love. Sometimes human love fails as we all are prone to. You must reach higher for true bigger love.

Love is purer, higher, total and aggressive. No more whimpers of stolen love and fraudulent claims to cheating with bravado. Let us access the love that is stronger than the grave. Love that is aggressively redemptive!

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