Heart-Cry: Your highest goal !

Slavery and the Plantations

It was cold, lost, scary and calm

That kind of uneasy quiet after the storm

We were still passing through the fire

The rain, the chills, the dreary doom all at once

This is the aftermath of weather beaten times

When our Heart-Cry was born

We had it all, the good, and the very best

Born in luxury, the silver spoon of life

Our ivy league, honour rolls and the leadership

Medals and accolades we awarded ourselves

Self-proclaimed world changers, our actions affects millions

Our tennis, golf, gentleman clubs and Churches nonetheless

Our Heart-Cry relentlessly raged

Men rode on our backs each opportune moment
They equivocally said we would amount to nothing
Advancing valid reasons for such venomous verdict
Several of their observations really crisp, but one
They missed how much more we felt, and the knowing
Which prods on our Heart-Cry on the inside

We failed at school and among our peers

We suck at sports and never made team

We withered on stage, lost the golden moment

We squandered business fortune, made it bankrupt

Got pregnant out of wedlock, brought our parents shame

When there was nothing more to lose

A Heart-Cry endured within us

Black Lives Matter still!

We went through the hoops of adolescent life

The music, booze, chicks, drugs, every malaise

We were cool, the it girl, the happening dude

The cash had to flow, the Benjamin’s never ran dry

Like prodigals expending graces and dispensing relationships

All the same, our Heart-Cry exacerbated

Despair gets familiar

Existing for a reason, transcending the narrative

The sick and hungry in Africa, the rich and depressed in Europe

Cultural prisoners in Asia, Political captives of the Arabia

Black lives in America, Drug mules in South America

Our Heart-Cry is for a fresher world

We know that when each child in our world is fed

When every human is educated, has a job, car or home

When slavery ends, each misogynist chills, and every injustice ceases

When social and health and public services are excellent

When everyone has a million saved in retirement accounts

Mankind will still be hungry, in desperate need

This Heart-Cry will wax higher

We are united in desire, we live for more

The yearning in our spirit, our hunger for true life

Is designed for our maker, Our God and the Christ,

The Morning star, Son of Man, King over all

Whether we go to the ends of the earth and back

We cannot shake off that Heart-Cry

One desire transcends time, race, age and estate,
Though we may have it all or nay

This should be our one Heart-Cry!

To be at peace, United with our maker.

Our One true Heart-Cry!