Talk Ep. 05 — Design Equilibrium

That is Balance!!

Bill Gross in his famous talk about building a startup, pointed to implementation of an idea as having greater value then the idea itself. One might argue however, that an idea is the bed rock for any successful startup. True, but consider for a minute how many out there have or are creating products similar to the ones by Coca-Cola, Microsoft or Chanel. Many I guess. Even more original in their ideas if you will. But what sets these companies apart from others in their field? I find myself asking that question this night. In my deepest thought I think of a perfect business plan that could tie in with my acclaimed revolutionary idea of building an incubator for refugees. A Move to help them get back their identity in their new host communities.

Finding the right setting for such a marriage of implementation and the idea most be top notch. So am going to take my own advice and review other business models that have worked with a similar idea and figure just how to modify them to fit my own version.

Like the brands mentioned, for them it wasn’t just about creating something impactful on their community but more about satisfying all stakeholders in the structure forming that business.

Essential elements for successful businesses

Most often designers may rest their case at the mention of business. Well, not because we do not enjoy making money like others, but more because we are often carried away with how well the end product is, than what we make in terms of monetary value. But just like Cinderella, there comes a time when you do even that which you may not be comfortable with or that which people make not expect of you. Look for your Fairy-god mother and let it create for you a means of gain, one in par with your true value.

Resources online can help you come out with your own crystal shoe, elegant dress and an enhanced beauty made for a creative like you. You are not just that design guy, you could be more. You could be the CEO of your own #design Agency, you could create really impact while making profit.