Talk Ep. 07 — A Young Nigerian Designer.

Stories we tell. :)

My week in retrospect.

My week was like the market place in Yaba or any Nigerian market you can imagine. It had all the condiments to make a week both exciting and heartbreaking. This week saw the beginning of my final exams as an undergraduate at the University of Ilorin, even though I’d always wished I was out already. And if you care to know how it has being, well, am three papers down and about six to go. Yes! So, back to more to more interesting gist joor. This week saw the birth of, as I will say, a new world Richest Man — Jeff B himself, and the world order of internet users made sure it was a trending topic on all the social media platforms I had give the opportunity to have me as one of their user. Hmm… Well, am happy for him sha. But Uncle Jeff, make sure you stay there for a long time ooh and shine your shine with that your well cultivated head. Have you seen that guys head? Mehn!! People get gift ooh. :)

Google CEO In Nigeria.

Next, I woke up on Thursday to the news that Brother Sundar Pichai was in Nigeria. Chai!! e pain me say I no come fit see am oo, but I happy for the selected few that saw him and played with him on this visit to Nigeria, like Bros Victor Asemota. He had a lot in the plate for Nigeria and Africa . But in terms of announcements, one that was of particular interest to me was the news that there could (would) be, very soon, a Google Launchpad Accelerator in Nigeria. Great! But me and you know that it will definitely appear in Lagos. All the same, weldone Sir. Find more announcements HERE

The last but not the least for me, is that, small small I am beginning to see a great need for people to discuss Design Thinking in Nigeria and around Africa too, so that startup will begin to build even more products and services that pay attention to users and their pain points. After this discovery, I added more effort to TheVillage ( my new design movement in Africa). We started last month and we’ve been trying to discuss locally the importance of design and humans in designing solutions too. Check it out and suggest what we can do to reach our goal.

Well, through the eyes of my poorly constructed language. That was my week as a designer in Nigeria. I did, however, do the normal UX/UI jobs this week too. Am so glad I restarted the TALK. Thanks and Enjoy your weekend and the coming week. If you don't, that one na your wahala :) .