5 Ways to Get More Hits on Twitter

Digital marketers today uses Twitter to promote their brand or event and generate customer feedback and stories to naturally converse with their followers. The goal of the business is to drive sales and increase awareness about the brand that you want to promote.

Social media is such a channel that can both make or break a brand and to ignite a social cause, the Twitter is the only platform that will help you to achieve everything you desire.

Does a random tweet help? No scattered tweets are harmful for the growing brands and customers are not going to take seriously. To build a Twitter image you have to simplify the Twitter agenda.

Let our digital marketing agency India help you develop Twitter strategies to work on this year in 2015 –

1. Something Compelling Must be Shared

Users feel curious if you offer something interesting and unique. The tweet does not require mentioning the details of the reward. But have to get those catchy phrase embedded in the tweet like participate to win, click here for your gift, goodie inside etc. Just like the giveaways from Starbucks India -

Such giveaways or token of gift by tweet brings thousands of users on a daily basis. As soon as you start something interesting daily, users will start keeping a track of your competitors. If you are planning to get something different, create excitement around it.

2. Make Sure To Use Images And Videos

Link of videos and images were there on the internet since a long time. The problem is that it was tough to get people click on them. The click through rates climbed down, but last year wheels changed with the introduction of the inline images within the Tweet itself. This greatly influenced the brand engagement by increasing the CTRs and retweets as well. A link to your store with images increases respective visits. Check out how Shopify uses the video to educate their user with a tutorial -

3. Something Urgent

Best thing about Twitter is that they act in real time and they are brief. The short messages show a sense of urgency. When you tweet something you get expect to get instant clicks and mention the validity of your offer. If you offer a special discount for a number of buyers, then mention it explicitly to thrill the audience.

If you have an offer valid for a day, then tell followers, not to miss and share the link of the store along. You can also use Twitter to aware the common mass on causes such as blood donation, organ donation and other similar causes. This is serious news about Ebola from The Economist -

4. Engaging People with Well-Versed Tweets

Tweets must be informative and must relate to the target audience and figure out what your followers actually want. Would they like retweeting? You must use those one-liners to draw more attention. With the tone of your business you need to match the customers expectation, you will find no room for making a marketing pitch with your tweets.

Make sure your tweets sound like a regular conversation with your customers. Do not be formal. You must be both positive and negative feedback and reply to them personally using @ to express a genuine regard.

5. Get Viral with the #trend

You love to tweet original and resonate that with your brand’s voice unless you are quoting someone. If you include the viral trend words then you instantly getting viewers attention and you will definitely get the retweets. It is astonishing fact that 78% of user engages with a brand’s tweets in the form of retweets. Use words like here, like, see, look to grab the reader’s attention and add phrases like or “how to” phrases to educate and teach a skill in yet another interesting way to get more followers on Twitter.

Hey people, define the audience you need to grab for your brand, set a budget and choose the right tool and most important focus on the content. Have those magical 140 characters prepared in a sizzling manner so that it get more retweets with increased sessions.