Do You Know What Talent Acquisition Teams Looks For In New Hires?

Hiring is something that goes on. A boring, monotonous process. So, how the recruitment teams break the ice?

Every employer or people in the talent acquisition team looks for someone who will give them the reason to hire him or her. A challenge to the talent team to have him earnestly within their organization.

And to find that ideal man and woman for their organization, talent acquisition guys keenly search for some particular traits that set apart the new hire from others. But…

You can’t teach employees to smile. They have to smile before you hire them. — Arte Nathan

Arte Nathan was true to say, so just finding out a suitable match is not going to help an organization to grow the human capital. It would be enriched if they make the new hire feel comfortable from the interview meet.

Whatever maybe the industry, pay scale, age or sex, good employees share some common traits. Recruitment teams look for those particular traits from the first meet. So if you are taking up a new job, make sure you have those traits instilled in you -

1. So, how good you communicate?

If you are taking up a new job the hiring team is going to keep a close look on your communication skills. Trust me they look for guys who can over-communicate. People who reconfirm time and locations for interviews in advance. They love candidates you email “Thank-You” notes after screening calls and follow up if they do not hear anything from the recruitment end of the company. This is a typical trait in every new hire that helps to avoid miscommunication at work. This little green slip will make you clear the interview.

Was reading Ruth Weal’s LinkedIn Post the other day and I was glued to the reason she said that good communication skills lead to engagement.

“Engagement is both emotional and rational: people act according to their short or medium-term interests and how they feel. Engagement is personal and voluntary; it can’t be guaranteed and has to be worked for.” ( Ruth Weal)

2. Are you confident enough to make a strike?

Confidence is something that bores fruit and encourages employees to take up new challenges. So make sure that you are confident enough to take up the challenges posed by the recruitment team. Since self-confidence makes you a decision maker, makes you less fear about your roles in the new company, helps to control and use emotions effectively and even work under pressure. Recruitment team will love to have you in their organization if you show a whacky confidence level at the first meet.

3. How motivated are you?

Yes, the Talent team is going to see how much motivated are you? How much you believe in your self-growth and a better career? Since motivation makes a company innovative, come up with new ideas, generate candor and openness among hires and helps to become productive. At the end of the showbiz, it is productivity which every employer is looking for in their new hires.

I liked the post of Patrick Hull in Forbes where he shares that “Motivated employees can make all the difference in a successful company.”

4. Do you have strong leadership skills?

Are you a leader? Do you have the abilities to inspire a team with whom you work? Since leadership starts with the journey of being self-confident, molded by positive reinforcement and repetition of forthcoming success, you just cannot ignore to have it. And to add a cherry on the cake, recruitment teams are always looking for an ultimate team player. Well, you must also be ready to take up group interviews, as recruitment teams will see how well you interact with others staying in a team.

5. How curious are you?

Earlier it was said that recruiters ignore curious people. but the myth has got busted. thanks to the growing technologies. Working with smart technology is something quite common these days. Therefore, the recruitment team hunts for people who are aware of the latest gadgets, state of the art tools and even has a knowledge on BYODs. Since talent people wants to hire team members who are never stagnant. They hire people who want to know what is happening around the edge as well as knows what are the stable applications for critical approaches.

See what Kelsey Meyer says on Women Forbes,

Companies that want to grow, improve, challenge the status quo, and avoid stagnancyneed curious people.

What’s my take?

I may not be someone of the recruitment domain, I may not be an expert to throw much limelight! But I faced some good talent acquisition teams in my career who definitely shared some good tips. And these are just a few of them. Will love to listen to experts speaking on these tips? Do tell me if I got anything wrong?

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