Hitting Replay… Again and Again

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In which I ramble about what I think my brain is doing.

Have you ever watched the show “Miranda”? If not, I’ve included a link to it at the end of this piece should you care to check it out. “Miranda” is a British sitcom done in true sitcom style in front of a live audience with the typical cozy sets that never seem to change too much but always leave you feeling like you’re watching something filmed inside a really big dollhouse. The show was written by Miranda Hart (so many of my favorite women have the last name “Hart”, it’s weird), a fairly well-known comedian if you consume British television on any sort of regular basis, and follows the story of a woman in her mid-thirties who can’t seem to do much right when it comes to being “normal” and chronicles her life as she jumps from one awkward social situation to another.

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Unapologetic coffee addict, geek, and New York City fanboy, educating myself through photography and infrequent bouts of writing. | www.shawncarternyc.com

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