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My name is Moustadirane Taenchiki, and most people I know call me Mousta. I attend Bard High School Early College Queens, and I am a junior here (or rather a Year 1, which is what juniors are called since this is our first year of College Courses at Bard.) My hobbies include playing basketball, watching television, and some of my goals in life are to be happy and to have a job that not only suits me but that I actually love to do. I also plan on learning to speak several languages over the course of my life, and the world we’re living in today provides me with many resources that can aid me in achieving this; many of these resources are available to me through the internet, which makes the internet very important to me.

I enjoyed reading Virginia Heffernan’s article, “How to Sleep on a Plane,” and it surprises me that I’ve never thought about this before. I have taken few flights in my life, (I’ve only been on 4 planes) and since its been a long time since I’ve been on a plane (approximately 8 years) I don’t remember very much from it. I do remember, however, finding it difficult to fall asleep at first because my ears would pop, which annoyed me, and I grew also nervous and wanted to get off of the flight. It did also amaze me that I was on a plane, and it was quite a while before I did decide to sleep. I can’t really imagine how different the experience might be today, years later, but I’m empathetic to the point Virginia Heffernan made about how interesting it is to see people capable of sleeping on a plane, especially when the coach ride might be uncomfortable and planes are crowded.

The questions I would like to ask Virginia Heffernan are: How many flights have you been on in your life so far? On how many of those flights were you able to sleep (whether it was for the whole flight or for most of the flight)? Do you tend to use your phone and the internet a lot on flights (if it’s allowed, which I’m not entirely sure of)?

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