Activity Determination Phase

Between August 6 and August 31, 2017, The Movement allowed people from all around the world to apply and become its founding members. Over thousand applications were received and eventually, 728 accounts were accepted. However, over the course of the final audit, more than 170 alternative accounts have already been detected by our audit system and removed from the list. The majority of alts are detected and this audit is still ongoing.

We are aware of the fact that many Bitcointalk members operate more than one forum account and it is their right to do so. Yet enrolling several times is detrimental to the core idea of our decentralized autonomous organization and we are working diligently to remove farm accounts for the greater good of everyone. The spreadsheet has not yet been finalized and every participant may continue to increase their activity until the Genesis Snapshot finally occurs.

How to Raise Movement Activity?

There are countless ways to raise one’s activity. One should not post random comments on our Bitcointalk announcement thread. Activity equals work towards The Movement. Create what you love. You may answer community questions, start interesting and stimulating discussions, build a local community, design artwork, translate the Whitepaper or the announcement thread to your own native language, grow and nurture your own sphere(s), et cetera — you are limited only by your own imagination.

A sphere is your very own part of The Movement, you are its creator and maintainer. Once tokens are distributed, you may use them to incentivize structures within your sphere to foster outcomes. Do not expect Dropper or MovementAI to tell you what to do. The Movement does not have any central leader and it is each and every participant’s self-organization that ultimately shapes the DAO. It is the original founder’s focus to supply the vision and the fundamental infrastructure to work with. It is not their job to dictate the Movement’s future. We are the movement. You are not alone — build together.