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Oct 18, 2017 · Unlisted
deep down, we are all connected

We are still in the final stages of the Movement’s Activity Determination Phase. Today, we announce the final step of this phase. At the time of posting the majority of our founding members are still inactive. Naturally, it may take some time for people to understand the nature of a decentralized community and organization. Everyone has the chance to learn more, and to continue to raise their activity rank until the genesis snapshot occurs soon.

In order to allow more interested folks to participate in The Movement, we allow each Mover, Contributor, and Ambassador, to invite one fellow member on Bitcointalk to become a genesis participant of the DAO. However, it is strictly not allowed to invite alternative accounts of oneself. If you know someone who may contribute to shaping the future of decentralized collaboration, please feel free to invite them. Make a wise choice. There is a max cap of 728 genesis participants allowed to enroll in total, hence about 170 additional members may be invited by the community. Please note: so-called “alt accounts” are not allowed and removed by our audit system.

Reach out to a friend from near or far. Ask your chosen fellow whether they would like to join in, or invite someone of whom you know that they would like to join. Send a private message to MovementAI via Bitcointalk, Subject: Invite. Make sure that you either quote their confirmation that they too wish to join, or ask them to send a private message to MovementAI in which they confirm their desire to join, Subject: Confirmation. We also require your friend’s Ethereum address and a personal genesis sentence. You do not have to invite anyone, but it’s a good idea to invite someone with whom you would like to collaborate. The opportunity to invite will remain open until October 31, 2017. We wish everyone a great time. Connect and create!


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