The Movement Bounties: Creativity Campaign

All are welcome to take part in shaping the presence and future of The Movement, the world’s first fully crowdsourced DAO. The bounty program consists of 300,000 MVT (10% of the total supply: 3M). Today, stage one of the program, the Creativity Campaign, is launched.

Creativity Campaign

The virtual headquarter of The Movement is called Greenpoint. It is a place in the open 3D virtual world and will offer a meeting point for people from all around the world to connect across borders and cultures. A vibrant place to foster grassroots development and collaboration. As envisioned in the Whitepaper, in Greenpoint’s center there will be a virtual coffeehouse — a public sphere for internet citizens to come together to freely discuss, share ideas, and create.

The detailed outline of Greenpoint, as well as its 3D implementation in Decentraland, are a collective creative work of The Movement’s participants. Join The Movement today. There is no central leader. By owning any amount of MVT and taking part in the community, you are an immutable owner of The Movement DAO. We invite you to express your ideas and bring in your creativity. You may answer some of the questions below.

  • What would you like to see, do, or implement in Greenpoint?
  • What is your vision of decentralized collaboration?
  • How do you envision Greenpoint’s 3D landscape?
  • How would you like to contribute?

All valuable contributions are rewarded with $MVT (The Movement Token).

How to Participate?

Let your imagination and creativity run free. Once you have collected some of your most interesting ideas, create a new proposal via Github MovementDAO/DAO-Proposal (Click on New Issue). Adhere to The Movement’s Proposal Standard. You may include pictures or drawings that express or accentuate your ideas. You are limited only by your own imagination.

On an upcoming interface, MVT token holders will vote to approve the most welcomed proposals. Upon approval, MVT will be accordingly and transparently distributed to the creators of the chosen ideas and contributions from the Bounty Fund address: 0xCe3535FffaED5d0b08dc87F9cBd688d17ca97812.

Join the discussions on The Movement’s official Bitcointalk Thread. More Links: Bounty Thread, Infos on the Voting DApp.