What is The Movement Organization?

The Movement is a fully decentralized organization for borderless collaboration and innovation experimentation, headquartered in the virtual world.

Driven by the vision of building bridges across borders and cultures, it is our aim to create and enhance decentralized networks based on trust and friendship. Dedicated to bringing about new opportunities for all, The Movement is collectively created and owned by all who take part its ongoing development and governance.

Based on the principles of open source transparency and permissionless collaboration, The Movement is open for all valuable contributions and free to evolve. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology in conjunction with virtual reality, humans are supported to come together and create freely. Our virtual headquarter Greenpoint is an emerging common ground for innovation experimentation and value creation, and a meeting point for grassroots movements.

The Movement’s History: Where it comes from

The Movement DAO was founded on August 6, 2017 by a creator who is largely staying out of the spotlight, yet remains active as a participant. From the very beginning, the organization has been established to fully embody decentralization, and has been designed for decision making processes to be distributed to all participants. Collectively built from the ground up, there is no single central authority. The Movement’s most fundamental aim is to facilitate the creation of value for the benefit of humanity.

The Movement’ utility token was created on the Ethereum mainnet, and a total supply of 3,000,000 MVT was specified in the smart contract (address: 0x3d46454212c61ecb7b31248047fa033120b88668). MVT is used to incentivize activity, as well as for immutable ownership and governance rights in the organization. After an early phase of activity determination, MVT was distributed between November 6 — 7, 2017. 90% of all tokens (2,700,000 MVT) were sent to early participants as a gift, proportional to their respective contributions. The remaining 10% of the total supply was allocated to a Bounty Program (300,000 MVT) which will be fully paid out to bounty participants. As all activity within the organization, the distribution of MVT is completely open and transparent, engraved in “stone” on the Genesis Participant List. No ICO was held, and no funds were raised.

A Meeting Point for Grassroots Movements

A distinctive feature of The Movement organization is its virtual headquarter Greenpoint. It is a cryptographically secured, immutable, and participant-owned place located in the Decentraland 3D VR world, open and free for anyone to come and visit, and to participate in its ongoing development and governance.

In total, Greenpoint consists of 414 LAND, of which 99 Land Parcels were provided to the community by The Movement’s original creator, and 315 Parcels were contributed by the global community through the Decentraland Genesis auction event. Greenpoint is located at a prime spot within Decentraland’s Genesis City, and anyone will be able to explore it around the coordinates -20/80.

It is actively being developed as Decentraland’s VR world is coming to life, establishing a common ground for individuals, groups, and organizations to interact and collaborate. Anyone can raise proposals, which are voted for and developed by the collective. Limited only by the imagination of all who create. The Movement, including Greenpoint, is entirely owned and shaped by the MVT community.

Connect and Create

To become involved in the governance and development of The Movement, please feel free to get in touch with the people. Visit our announcement thread. Read the whitepaper version one. The freedom is yours to connect and create.