Failure Story of Drinking Alcohol

First of all, I have to admit I love alcohol more than anything. In fact, I make it a rule to drink every day except for sick days. I often drink Shochu mixed with a soda water and whisky. The most favorite alcohol is champaign including sparkling wine.

To be honest, I want to abstain from drinking alcohol anymore. However, this is a tall order for me. I’m going to have a taste for that moderately. Drinking alcohol has a positive effect for our relaxation, though there are some negative effect. I believe that the balance between drinking alcohol and controlling the amount of alcohol is very important.

One day, I went to a luxury hotel in order to enjoy champagne to the full extent. I could drink famous champagne, Moet & Chandon and Baron de Rothschild without limitation. As soon as I emptied a glass, waiter and waitress tried to fill my glass. I had been getting intoxicated gradually. As a result of that, I lost my consciousness.

I woke up at the same time as usual. Strangely enough, I hardly had hangover at that time, but I didn’t have my memories about last night at all. How did I try to go back home? What happened last night? I could remember nothing at all.

According to contactless smart card ticketing system for public transportation, I entered the gate of the station, but it had no record of getting out of the gate of any station. How could I get out of the gate? I don’t know that even now.

As I mentioned before, I woke up without a hard hangover. However, I woke up while wearing my daughter’s skirt. Of course, I don’t know the reason why I wore her skirt. I lost father’s dignity because of this accident at all. I pledged to abstain from drinking alcohol other than home.

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