Is Justin Bieber to blame for an injured paparazzo?

This video might be shocking for some people, but I become curious about this if this incident was a trigger of cancelling the remainder of the concert. Justin Bieber decided to cancel the concerts suddenly. It was not clear why he decided to do it. This incident in this footage might kind of have affected him.

Of course, I have sympathy for an injured paparazzo. On the other hand, I have sympathy for Justin Bieber to the full extent. I thought that he was calmer than I expected before, and he didn’t have an eccentric behavior after hitting paparazzo. Don’t get me wrong. But is he to blame for every ramification paparazzi made? The paparazzi try to follow celebrities anytime and anywhere. Why should celebrities have responsibilities against paparazzi who follow them 24–7.

Speaking of paparazzi, that reminds me of a very sad story. As you probably know, Diana, Princess of Wales passed away because of paparazzi. We should have learned something from this history. As a matter of course, the paparazzi have the right to look for a chance, but they have to work according to rules. In my opinion, authorities have to crack down on them according to the laws. I think that we need to start to discuss it soon.

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