Look What We Made (From “The Theory of Everything”)

I watched “The Theory of Everything” finally. I’ve always wanted to watch this movie because Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, leading actor and actress of this movie, are my favorite.

Eddie Redmayne did a great performance. He played the role of a disabled person who was the most famous around the world very well in this film. In fact, he won famous awards for Best Actor like the Academy Awards. This movie might be a representative work for him.

Of course, I know the name of Stephen Hawking, but I was not familiar with his life. I didn’t know that he got a divorce with his wife. This was a bit shocking for me, but it might be suitable for scenario of movies.

Felicity Jones did a great performance as well. Speaking of Felicity, I conjure the scene of “The tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon”. She looked like tomboyish and daring in this video. But, the character she played in the movie was very polite and sophisticated.

The machinery voice like “Look what we made” made me more impressive.

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