Seretse Khama is a great person in history (A United Kingdom)

I watched “A United Kingdom” recently. To be honest, I didn’t know this movie and I was not going to watch this movie. But I had a chance to watch this movie by accident because I had a spare time on my flight.

This movie is based on a true story. Therefore, I got the information of Seretse Khama from this movie for the first time. According to Wikipedia, he played an active role as a first president in Botswana. I thought that he was a great person in history without a doubt.

British parliament urged Khama to step aside the throne because they want to aim at the concession of South Africa. South Africa had adopted the apartheid, a famous discriminated policy at that time. I’m so sorry that British people had a wrong decision. They shouldn’t have intervened other country.

I heard that Khama wouldn’t have adopted extreme Africanization. I think that this is a very good decision. After apartheid, South Africa adopted Africanization, and then a nation had many troubles because the level of operation in nation plunged to the full extent. Compared to other leaders, he had a calm and intelligent thought.

A movie taught me about a great person in history.

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