What Harvey Will Bring

According to many media, Harvey brought huge damage to Houston. It seems that Harvey will bring additional damage from now on. Many residents struggle to be in a hard situation right now. This natural disaster would bring a tremendous damage to local people and their economy. I hope that they will go out of a hole as soon as possible.

America puts attention to Huston’s situation. American media, president and their government are crazy about dealing with this situation. I think that this attitude is commonplace. As a result of that, other major issues are left incomplete. I think that most serious issue is the tension around the Korean Peninsula.

Thought North Korea launched a ballistic missile over Japan, I think that the reaction American government made is not dramatic. I’m concerned about their reaction. This issue might be out of scheme. Or, they might not make an action deliberately now. Anyway, I look closely to see what happens to North Korea and Trump administration hereafter.