Review of the Film ‘What Happens in Vegas’

I switched on the movie ‘What Happens in Vegas’ at Dreamfilm with quite low expectations. I was pretty much expecting another ’27 Dresses’, dull, boring and way too predictable. Predictable? Yes this movie did sin in that category, you can pretty much guess the ending from reading the plot. Dull and Boring? Nope. It’s actually quite hilarious. Here’s what the basic plot is about? See if you can guess the ending. 
The Plot

Joy McNally (Cameron Diaz) is a stock broker who has just been dumped by her fiance, Mason. She decides to take her best friend on the honeymoon to Vegas instead. 
Jack Fuller (Ashton Kutcher) is a furniture maker, who gets fired by his own father. With nothing going for him, his best friend drags him to Vegas. Now in Vegas the foursome get put into the same room, which causes a fight.
At the end of the night, and after many drinks, Joy & Jack end up married. The next day, he uses her ‘quarter’ and wins $3 million on a slot machine, due to the fact they are married, she wants half. They go to court and are made to spend 6 months together and try their hardest to make the marriage work, in that time the money will be frozen and they will have no access. Once the 6 months has ended they can either split the money or one takes it. Dirty tricks follow as they both try and keep the cash.

The Cast
Cameron Diaz as usual is pretty hilarious. If you liked her in Something About Mary and all of those other films she sorta plays the same character over and over. Snotty, uptight, but still damn right funny. She is over shined by Ashton Kutcher in my opinion though.

Ashton Kutcher, first things first, he’s hot. He spent a great portion of the movie in just his boxers, I’m not complaining, oh and for the guys, Cameron Diaz gets her kit off as well. If you liked him in Just Married, you’ll like this as it’s pretty much the same premise. 
Lake Bell & Rob Corddry play the best friends. There constant bickering just adds to humour, especially the last scene, it was perfect. 
Queen Latifa: Very disappointing. I don’t know if it was just how they wrote her in the script but it’s was a very boring and just well boring performance. 
 What’s good?
 The plot may not be all that good and you may not need many brain cells to watch it, but it’s still a lovely film to watch with the girls. It’s actually got some great laugh out loud moments, which I was really surprised about. The two main characters and even the two sidekicks play off each other really well. 
 The comedy in this is great, it mainly does appeal to people of my age as it’s pretty much slapstick kinda stuff. They both try their hardest to make the other one annoyed, which includes leaving the bathroom covered in hairs, taking the bathroom door off and even peeing in the sink. Hilarious, but a bit stupid really. 
What’s bad?
The plot, the storyline and just basically the script. It’s all right, I’ll give it that, but there’s no real originality in the storyline. I could have probably have written the script as we were going along, it was that predictable. The laughs make up for it, and of course Ashton Kutcher’s gorgeous well everything. YUM 
My verdict
If your favourite film is Silence Of the Lambs, What Happens in Vegas isn’t for you. Same goes for the likes of Face/Off or anything that involves violence or action or anything like that. If you’re a 10 Things I Hate About You or Coyote Ugly fan, you’ll love this film. It’s actually, dare I say it, funnier than 10 Things I Hate About You. 
It’s got a pretty awful plot, which I swear was taken from Just Married and season 6 of Friends in some way, but the laughs between the two leads are great. 
 The Plot: 2/10
 Originality: 1/10
 Humour: 9/10
 Final: 12/30
Maybe not a good final verdict but it’s still a great film overall, I’m sure Sex In the City would have been worse. Hope this was helpful.

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