The start of the relationship

1 year ago. Working in a bar, completing a uni course, socialising with friends, at the start of my future.

Men were never on my mind, I loved spending time with my friends and family, working hard and studying hard to become my real aspiration, a teacher. I never wanted anything from any man, the attention was nice, but to me it was never anything. Until one Friday afternoon…

The pub was never ever busy. You’d get the normal lot, the locals, the old man that would sit on his own wishing his own life away, the drunk money waster who would shout at you if you went anywhere near the fruity, the one that would always moan about the head on their pint, the one that had been there done that and got the t-shirt on literally any situation you could imagine! They were characters, but just enough to keep me going through the torturous 6–8 hour shifts. I liked it, I liked to hear all the stories although I’d probably heard them all a million times before.

However one day a group of lads came in, around 24–28 I would say. Eventually it became there starting pub and I could pin point the exact minute I would see them start to turn up on a Friday afternoon. The working mans pint. They were all cock sure, thought they could talk the talk and walk the walk, I only ever smiled and waved, whatever I thought about them was irrelevant.

One Friday however a new man joined, one I’d never seen before. He was tall, handsome, dressed professional, smelt beautiful, and his voice was deep and sultry. I fell in love in an instant.

Hope to see you next time

L x