Where do you start on a blog? The beginning? Introductions… ok. I’m blonde, medium build and 5ft5. Good strong, close nit family, good job, good hopes and aspirations… some would say pretty ‘normal’. However trouble seems to follow me and perhaps excites me. I may be young but if anything, I hope this helps someone going through the same.

It’s Easter, I’m sat around the table in the local, 14 of my family are sat around laughing, joking, catching up but I can’t help but feel a complete sense of helplessness and like my eyes are burning where I’m fighting back my tears. My head still feels dizzy and my heart is still broken, nothing anyone says or does makes me feel the slightest bit better. When I’m with people I want to be on my own, when I’m on my own I want to be around people. There is no escaping the stomach churning feeling and thoughts going on in my head.

All my posts will be about my journey and road to rediscover myself after being mentally and (in the end) physically abused by my ex partner. I hope you stay tuned and this helps you, so you know you aren’t on your own.