Talking with ghosts 2

This is a true story. It happened almost 4 or so years ago. I was spending the night at my friends mothers house because I got kicked out of my own. I was sleeping without the covers on and almost out for the night. That’s when I heard the door open, witch I thought was my boyfriend at the time. I opened my right eye to make sure and much to my surprise it wasn’t him. Instead a heavy set black woman, I was frozen. She walked closer to the bed and pulled the sheets over me,in my head I wanted to scream! Instead she said “silly child you’ll catch a cold and master won’t be having any of that” my eyes were both open at this point. I knew that this place was hunted and by black slaves who lost their life’s on the pecan plantation. So I layer there watching her as she smiled and disappear in front of me. She seemed to be a spirit that didn’t know she was dead, and just wanted to make sure I covered up. At this time in my life I was seeing, feeling, and all sorts of things ghost related so I didn’t freak out as much…

Another time I was sleeping in my new rent house waiting for people to come home so we could start fixing the place up. When I was startled awake bye someone saying my name. I woke up and looked everywhere and no one was there yet. I was alone and I knew school was still in at that time. I looked outside and no a sole. It was creepy. So after looking around I sat in the living room waiting. It seemed to take forever for them to come back home… 15 min seemed like hours. As I sat there there seemed to be more people there than I could see. I could hear children but no kids were any were near the house. I heard my name again so I decided to talk. “who’s there?” I asked.

“brittany” it called again.

“your name is my name?” I asked again.

“no” a child’s voice said.

“who are you all then?” I asked looking around the room. Then I saw a white shadow looking around the corner of the hall. “hi, I won’t hurt you if you don’t hurt me” the white shadow turned into a little girl I could see behind her at the kitchen. She just looked at me. Then before I could ask any more the door of the kitchen opened and she was gone… I lived in that house for about 2 years and had soo many conversations with the inhabitants, but I’ll tell you more next time, talk at you later!

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