Sorry, but your emotional discomfort doesn’t trump my physical discomfort.
David Cearley

Oh I agree. I see all manner of unobservant socially inept rude men splayed out across seats like they’re in an opium den. But if they’re not physically bothering anyone, or blocking disabled seats, I don’t care. Garbage gonna garbage. However, when manspreaders press (smash) their sweaty stupid legs and feet against others, meaning me, we’ve moved beyond “emotional discomfort”. It’s not an imposing situation any longer when they are crushing me, it’s a threat. I’d inform the spreader to stop touching me or move, and if they didn’t comply I’d probably mace him and call the cops. At the point where you’re all up on my shit physically, you really are just being a molester in addition to an obnoxious and socially inept creep. Shut it down.

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