Owning Our Shit
Adrian J Anchondo

This is the most heartening article I have read since the election. I am so fucking pissed at these “liberal” whippersnappers who came up under Obama, and don’t remember that before him, we had the second-worst president selected by the electoral college. Because they don’t remember, they think that politicians should give them every god damned last thing they want, and be likable, AND be inspirational, AND be perfect. That’s not how it works. Obama is an ANOMALY. It doesn’t get better than him. It’s not ever going to get better than him because every time things are well and on track for eight years, ignorant ass young people come in and demand PERFECTION and when they don’t get it, they don’t vote or vote for a candidate who cannot possibly win. Just like in 2000, when a perfectly good but imperfect candidate ran against a shrub, the left decided to make perfect the enemy of the good and now we have a fucking cancer on this nation’s history.

Raise the voting age to 26! That way y’all motherfuckers who want to “vote your (privileged) conscience” by not voting at all or voting for third parties/harambe (same chances of winning by then way) will have some semblance of knowledge of history to go on. By the way, before Obama, the last time this country was wealthy and not at major war for years on end was UNDER A CLINTON WHITE HOUSE.

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