I think you are conflating a few things here.

We are discussing how men behave towards women in a work or professional setting, not how everyone MIGHT behave at a bacchanal. This is a gendered phenomenon. Whom someone chooses to fuck consensually in their personal life is nobody’s business. If I want to fuck ten guys this week, it’s fine. It doesn’t impede anybody’s professional well-being, nor impose undeservedly upon anybody’s personal safety or comfort. You honestly think there’s justification in powerful sleazy men holding VC funds over women’s heads to manipulate sexual favors out of women who are not interested (sexual coercion)? Nothing undesirable if garbage people exploit unequal power dynamics in order to intimidate professional women into giving up on their comfort and time and bodies, just so attention can be paid to male VC’s irrelevant dickfeels?

Thats a bit much when men do not have to shoulder these same burdens when requesting funding. We shouldn’t allow this to be normalized any longer. It stops now.

Sexually intruding upon professional colleagues is wrong. Attempting to use funding to get them to fuck you is wrong. That’s a threat, and more importantly, possibly a crime, not to mention toxic for company morale. Imposing sexuality upon women who don’t want any part of that unprofessional nonsense is called sexual harassment.

It doesn’t only hurt the victims. I shudder to think of all the good ideas which never came to fruition because some dude had to get instant gratification or else. Getting everything you want is for infants. Maybe dudes should stop thinking they deserve everything they want, when they want it. Bravo to all brave women refusing to play along with that insanity.

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