10 Truths About Those #NoMakeup Selfies.

Fun fact. I have tons of experience painting people’s faces. Since high school I’ve spent at least 10,000 hours staring at faces. In a way, I think it has helped truly appreciate beauty and its many forms.

As a recording artist, this has been a great asset, as I can decide on my aesthetic and execute.

The thing is, I love makeup, and photo editing is a hobby of mine. It’s all fun and a great way to paint a picture, so to speak. I’ve always been on 2 sides of the beauty myth. I enjoy all the glam but I understand there is HUGE business behind all of these messages we get. The thing we’re reaching for doesn’t even really exist. I’m not immune either, but awareness is key!

It blows my mind the way the untrained eyes of teens and kids actually believe what they’re looking at is reality.

So here we go:

  1. Lighting — Great lighting is key! Test it out yourself. Open any basic app and play with the exposure, brightness and saturation of a pic. See how you from NO to Oh! in a few swipes. Of course daylight is the best light but direct sunlight can bring you to tears.
  2. Spray Tans- Some of your faves are in self tanner at least 96 days of the year. It’s basically like spraying on a temporary skin perfecting product that stays on for days. Looks airbrushed? That’s probably because it is.

3. Lashes- I don’t know what it is about lashes, but they are a GAME CHANGER. Have you seen that Kermit meme about the difference lashes make?

4. Angles — I’ve seen pictures of myself from angles that make me question the existence of God herself! Shooting from above is the go to for most. Experiment and see what looks best on you.

5. Retouching — Retouching a bare face is just digital make-up if you ask me. I see no harm in doing it. Work your magic! Please, just do not buy into a heavily edited photo with a super deep quote about not wearing any makeup and finding oneself with hashtags in tow.

This is a snapchat moment where my Becca Champagne Pop was doing the absolute most, the light was in a good spot and a filter brought it home for me.

Light beat, but a beat still ➕ killer light & a filter. (Beat being makeup for the uninitiated.)

6. No Make-up, Make-up — I live for a good glam. I’m obsessed with creating makeup looks. With that said, I have to stop my eyes from rolling out of my head when I see a beautiful no makeup- makeup with a #bareface. Like, I actually want to throw my phone out the window, become a nun and renounce all vanities….I probably should anyway.

7. Fillers & peels- Lip fillers, face reconfiguring with needless, re-contouring. No one is required to share what they’ve had done, but buyer beware! Some of the faces you’re swapping in snapchat have seen more needles than a…wait, no that was gonna be an insensitive reference. A lot of needles, ok?

We can also be here all the day for the endless lists of clinical facial treatments and intense chemical peels.

8. Cosmetic Tattoos- Idk if you know about this, but people are tattooing their lips the color of MAC’S best selling “natural” lip tones. There’s also a trend of contour and highlight tats. Basically, permanently snatching one’s face. Then of course there is the tatted eyeliner, and tattooed brows. These ain’t your granny’s tatted brows. They have a come a LONG way!

9. Surgery- Rhinoplasty being the most common, lots of people would rather you think it’s just a good makeup trick. Sure there’s contouring, but then there’s that mysterious 8 weeks a person disappears only to re-emerge looking…diiiiifferent.

10. Your own eyes- What you see is sometimes distorted by what you believe about yourself. It’s influenced by negative self talk, and believing all the hype.

Sure, there are the Joan Smalls and Gigi Hadids of the world, but even they have bad days.

So the next time you catch yourself thinking crazy thoughts about how perfect everyone seems, find your light and snap your own killer selfie.

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