#mozsprint May Demos

Open projects you can contribute to during #mozsprint

Update: Take a look at the Demos Recap to see the notes and recordings.

With the Mozilla Global Sprint around the corner (June 1–2), this is the perfect time to hear about the projects you can contribute to at #mozsprint! We could use all sorts of input (beyond code), so if you’re new to open source, come join us!

We have three demo calls happening before the sprint (on May 23 & 24). Each call features projects you can work on during the event. This is your chance to hear from project leads, get to know the projects and ask your questions.

There are >50 sites around the world participating in #mozsprint this year!

Call #1: Curriculum

May 23, 5pm ET / 21:00 UTC (add to calendar). Featuring projects building curriculum or other open educational resources. [notes & details]

Call #2: Starting a New Prototype

May 24th, 11am ET / 15:00 UTC (add to calendar). Featuring new prototypes being built. Help them make an MVP (minimum viable product)! [notes & details]

Call #3: Existing Prototypes & Community Events

May 24th, 12pm ET / 16:00 UTC (add to calendar). Featuring projects that are improving / adding features to existing prototypes OR planning / running community events. [notes & details]

Note on Vidyo

You’ll need to install the software Vidyo to join one of the demo calls. You may want to take a few minutes before the call to make sure you can connect. Connection instructions: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/abby-vidyo-instructions

Go to the #mozsprint website to get your tickets, add your project or host a site in your city!