MozFest by the Book

Oct 21, 2019 · 3 min read

This week marks our 10th anniversary MozFest! We’ve collected stories, memories, tips and tricks, insights and ideas from our first decade and wrapped them all up into the perfect birthday present: our brand new book about the Festival, titled “How to MozFest.”

The book is a history of the Festival, and a collection of personal recollections and insights of over 180 contributors from around the world — participants, facilitators, wranglers, volunteers and staff — who brought their energy and inspiration to the Festival, and to the movement for internet health.

It’s also a how-to manual for anyone wanting to create a truly community-driven, collaborative event that embraces the kind of creative experimentation (and chaos!) that’s long been a hallmark of the Festival.

A preview of “How To MozFest”

“It’s not just a few Mozilla staff members who produce the festival — a large team of volunteers from our communities commit up to six months of their time to curate the Festival, and help the event run smoothly over the weekend,” says Kristina Gorr, Open Leadership Community Coordinator at Mozilla who helped lead work on the book. “This book serves as a how-to manual for anyone who wants to replicate this working open concept.”

As Festival Director Sarah Allen says in her forward to the book, “For all of you asking insightful questions about the current state of the internet health movement and where it’s going, you’ll be a fly on the wall, overhearing conversations regarding the most pressing issues of our time between some of the most brilliant and influential minds in the movement.” The book includes a series of dialogues between 14 luminaries, including Cory Doctorow, Anasuya Sengupta, and Douglas Rushkoff.

Pages of the MozFest book, hot off the presses!

“If you’ve ever attended the festival, you will love ‘How to MozFest.’ It’s full of memories and stories that will remind you of old friends and unique shared experiences. You’ll smile and maybe even belly laugh,” says Kristina Gorr. But what’s really special about the book, she adds, is that it provides evidence that people find a place to belong at MozFest — and they stick around. “The Festival founders were heavily involved in the writing of the book. There are many people who contributed that have been coming back to MozFest for years… some have been all ten years. It’s incredible to read the passion in the pages!”

This year, we’re kicking off Saturday morning at MozFest with special 10th anniversary celebrations. Don’t miss the special launch of the MozFest book, hear from innovative speakers, and other exciting surprises. Arrive at MozFest at 8:30am for coffee and pastries and to get your seat ahead of this special event. All MozFest attendees with get a free copy of the book!

It’s not too late to get your tickets to MozFest 2019! Can’t make it to London? Follow #MozFest and @mozillafestival on twitter, and check out for a livestream of the Festival’s Dialogues & Debates series over the Festival weekend.

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