Augmentors, VR Blockchain Games in Your Hand

Augmentros, This game is very interesting. why I say interesting? because I see from its design and views of its category fight
This game makes the imagination of players like entered the battlefield and provide opportunities to benefit, namely altcoin (DATABITS)

Augmentors is a doubling of the combat game based and free to play! Once you have one of these portals, You can download the free application and command you to the world and kreatur began fighting.
The ultimate goal of the game is to be the Augmentors cross platform (iOS & Android) real game development,
The exchange
The exchange for 1 Bitcoin (BTC) will be 15 000 DataBits (DTB). People, who have bought DataBits (DTB) during the Token Sales or from another player after the end of the Token Sales, will be able to trade their DTB on the blockchain and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies. Or they can use them to purchase some of the Augmentors blockchain-based creatures, relics & skins. Our creatures will be sold via “swapbots” – automated trading vending machines – which send the chosen creature when they have sent the right amount of DTB. Then they can summon their creature in the Augmentors game, or trade/ sell them on the blockchain.
The Augmentors ICO aims to raise $1 million, required for completion of the game. During the 30-day ICO ending on 28 Feb 2017, DTB tokens will be available in a ratio of 15000DTB: 1BTC and drop by 1000 every 5 days.
Even if the platform fails to raise the required $1 million by the end of the stipulated timeframe, all funds raised will be directly put to use for developing the Alpha version of Augmentors, set for release by the end of April 2017 on Google Play Store and the App Store.
the funds already collected = 815 btc
make your fortune by investing. !!!

giveaway event provides many augmentors and attractive package with features. one example and character:

If you intend to help her through twitter, you will be given a reward with the terms of the retainer must be above 200

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200-500 subscribers (followers) – 1 stake
501-1000 subscribers (followers) – 2 stakes
1001+ subscribers (followers) – 4 stakes
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