Everlasting Rain

The storm will never blow over
No matter how long we stare 
At this grey scenery above
For the water that flows through it
Can only sustain the delusion
Of a sickened and addicted Sun

God’s wrists are open and cascading
His blood falls as an endless stream
Conceiveing this suicidal tempest
That imprisons our souls to the ground
And force our kind to crawn in the dirt
Only dreamimg of the stars reflection

So when night comes we can escape
Run away from the weight of the ashen clouds
Hide in between the forgotten woods
Where the light of the day cannot reach
Craft our love in the silent darkness
Where the sound of the canceorus humanity will never hit

There we could build a fire
And no drizzle would dare to quench it
For it’s flame would be so bright 
It would end our inner war
As we throw ourselves in it’s blaze
Dissolved in aether, forevermore free