When that time came for me to become a father I did some inner reflection so that I could find my cornerstone of fatherhood. The single rock that everything I do, say, teach, lead, suggest and demand will sit on. I thought back to my past back to my own Dad and back even more to his Dad. I scoured my memory of men I knew. I recalled the ones I most respected and those I least respected. Coaches, Boyscout Leaders, Drill Instructors, and all the military leaders I ever. served under were brought to the forefront of my mind. In the end I picked my own Dads cornerstone of fatherhood: Self sufficiency. It’s simple. Teach them how to rely on themselves.

Here is the conversation Gunner and I have been using logical reasoning with for a few months now. Gunner is wrapping up the last 30 school days of kindergarten.

Gunner: Dad, do I have school tomorrow?

Dad: I don’t know. Do you?

Gunner: I don’t know!

Dad: What is tomorrow?


1- It is “Blank-day”

2- I don’t know!


. 1- Do you go to school on “blank”?

. 2- What is today?


. 1- Yes/No [end]

. 2- “Blank-day” [go back to D 1]

. 3- I don’t know!


. 3- What was yesterday?

Gunner: “Blank-day” [ repeat until they know or give them yesterday’s day]

Dad: Okay. Now figure out what today is.

Gunner: It’s “Blank-day”.

Dad: So what’s tomorrow?

Gunner: It’s “Blank-day”

Dad: Yup. And do you go to school on “blank-day”?

Gunner: Yes/No

End: See, you did know. You used your brain and you figured out your own question.