Fatherhood Moments

My 4 year old little girl sees that I’ve just sat down and closed my eyes. It’s been a busy day of grocery stores, dropping off LAX gear at the middle school, and doing a little spring cleaning around the house. It’ may only be 4 pm and my day of Dad duties are no where near done so I will rest my eyes while my daughter tries to use a dog toy as a doctors instrument to probe my head. Oh yeah, My 6 year old son is sitting in the big chair talking to me while he watches on his ipad. There is nothing odd about this scenario. In fact some of my best recharge naps happen just like this. Until, with no rhyme or reason the normality of the moment halted with a “DAD, TEACH ME HOW TO SAIL!!!” Now I wasn’t really listening to what he was saying because it was babble on repeat. But what!?! This most random straight from left field statement has piqued my curiosity. So I open my eyes and waved the dog toy from whatever medical procedure my daughter was conducting and I looked right at my son and I said, what do you mean? He’s says very matter a fact “ you know Dad with a canoe”. OKAAAAAY. So………Why? The best reason he could come up with was “because”. Still with no reason or understanding of why such an emotionally charged demand to be taught to sail was given I would just be left with a fatherly duty to get a canoe and teach the boy how to sail(really its canoe). My dad taught me how to canoe so I will teach my boy. Is this what fatherhood is?These random feelings of pride. I will teach my boy to be a man. Why? Because he demands it. Right? He looks at me and says:” like in Moana”. What is Moana you ask? Well it’s a Disney movie about a Hawaiian princess and somewhere in the movie she says “teach me to sail”. That’s what my boy was watching on his iPad while talking babble on repeat.