Here’s the Key to Understanding the Russian Air Force’s Actions in Syria
War Is Boring

What a load of crap ,where did you get your ideas from ’ state department press release’. I think you mixed up NATO ops with VKS . Seriously computer controled flight and bomb release on coordinates input 36h in advance?again something that is more akin to US bombing with no actionable intel on the ground.

How many bombs US used against ISIS for virtualy no effect , was it 30.000? ,years of bombing had no measurable effect on ISIS or anyone elese , 3month VKS campaign made just about every group ‘moderate’ and run to their backers(Riad Group) to make it stop .

I think your propaganda brief was faulty , do you see hinds and other helos operating at treetop level for whole duration. Hellos aleggedly lost in the fire were Hinds not Kamovs and we dont know if that is true as the sat picts show at least 2 helos copy pasted into the picture (they match pixel to pixel)

Dumb iron bombs are not nearly as precise as guided ordanance droped from 30k feet but dedicated attack platforms are way more precise in delivering them than fighters like F16 or F18 , People blew up dams and busted prison walls in WW2 with iron bombs.

Tactical goals are allways hostage to political goals ,so far the main failure is in not continuing the bombing campaign in an effort to apease the west,in the mean time weapons and men continue to flow into syria to bolster anti Assad forces.

Seriusly Syrian air more efffective than VKS , with what barrel boombs droped out of helicopters.

As for killing senior comanders , from what we have seen taliban and al qaeda are still there aftedrdecade of targeted assasinations by dronestrikes and if anything taliban are stronger than in past couple of years. Oh and yes to kill 40 something targeted people US killed soemthing like 3000+ bystanders ,with plenty of hospitals, bakerys, weeding partys etc on the list .

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