Day 8 - An Attempt at Poetry

I have never being a fan of poems I actually don’t understand it and maybe I never will. While going through my twitter timeline this evening, it occurred to me I am going to write a poem or something close to it.

This goes my lazy attempt:

I wouldn’t think a year ago, 
You would make me feel this way.
I want to do anything that you might say you want me to,
I give you my time, my money (not really), 
It all belongs to you.

You got me thinking about the long term,
Now I’m searching for rings and things.
Ten thousand words cannot explain how I feel,
Visions in my mind of you and me forever.

You gave your love to me,
When I did not have a thing to offer but dreams
You know this thing is forever,
Nothing will ever come between us.

You are my good luck that won’t go away, 
You mean so much to me.
I want to give you the world,
Everything a man could ever want

It is quite obvious this is/was written with a woman in mind and it is dedicated to a woman. Hopefully, the woman falls in love with it and it doesn’t feel tedious.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great night.