Why I started Hustle Culture

Hustle Culture “ A Movement of Entrepreneurship’

Ever since the creation of Facebook in 2004 and the launch of the movie 
“ The Social Network”, many have begun to feel that just because they have a laptop and can code they can create the next Facebook.

Seeing all these amazing startups and tech billionaires, the interest grew in Sri-Lanka as well as globally that any tom, dick or harry who has an idea can startup, raise funding and grow to become the next Facebook or Uber in their space. But trust me it isn’t that simple. It takes a lot of hard work and smart work to even get close to where they are.

As Paul Graham from Y-Combinator famously says, “Starting a startup is like jumping off a building and assembling a plane while falling down, either your die or fly”.

This is why I created Hustle Culture, to give insights and the practicality of starting up in Sri-Lanka and taking your startup globally as well.

The example of entrepreneurship in today’s times is like learning about basketball by reading books, watching basketball videos on YouTube, interviewing basketball experts and going for basketball tournament and seeing other players play but yet one hasn’t eventually attempted to take the ball and dribble and shoot.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. No, in fact it may really only be for a selected few who are actually willing and able to put in the work and make things happen regardless of the odds.

Certain aspects of running a business can only be learned by doing, not by teaching them in a class or reading a book.

There is an unbelievable aura of negativity that is currently spreading in the start-up community, as a result of this challenge, and as a result of the true nature of what it takes to establish a successful start-up. Hustle Culture’s main mandate is to create an environment of positivity where like-minded people can grow the mindset of entrepreneurship in Sri-Lanka.

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