Our Students are Addicted to Their Screens #PersonalizedPD

Our students are addicted to their screens. We struggled this year to get their total focus for longer than 30 seconds and waged battles against their cell phones being out. I can see value in utilizing social media and their phones for our educational purposes within clear behavior and professional expectations.

I previously had a twitter account but rarely used it for anything other than scanning news headlines in sports and national venues. During this session, it was suggested to make a professional twitter account as supplemental communication for concert and practice schedules, pieces of music to listen to, and other supplemental materials and reminders.

We also explored the Remind101 app which I can also use to communicate with parents and students directly, document and report communication, and earn 1 graduate level credit towards certificate recertification.

Dr. Sampson showed me SoundCloud.com as a means for facilitating easier playing/singing tests in my class. Through the use of this app/website, what normally takes me two weeks could potentially take me two days. It also encourages collaboration between students and constructive criticism.

The session has certainly sparked ideas of how to use apps to facilitate and supplement student learning in an effort to reach our students where they are.

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