Bitcoins and cryptography inside a browser with a wallet like the WeTipCoins Wallet or the CoinAwesome Wallet can be used for several applications. It starts with transfering value, secure authentication and naming.

Transfer Value

Hereby one’s browser wallet would be a classical spending’s wallet. The wallet which you use for every day purchases, wherever you go on the web.

Transfering value with Bitcoin is done the push-way. This means no charge-backs and a higher security in general because you never grant anybody access to your bank account, like with credit cards. Credit cards are typical pull-payments, where you type in your credentials… makes it super easy and secure to send micro-donation to every website on the Internet in order to support content creators directly. The intention of this post is to describe how the WeTipCoins DeTrust works and how to claim a tip in case your website got tipped. If you want to read more about the WeTipCoins platform in general, here is the introductory article.

One Billion Websites — One Billion Bitcoin Addresses

The initial goal of the DeTrust is to let every website (URL) accept bitcoins without needing to know anything about the Bitcoin system in the first step. The ultimate goal is to make itself obsolete…

The web is awesome because we can create and discover new content every day. Digital content can be anything: starting with articles, questions and answers, images, videos, music and even games or software in general. It is content that makes us happy, makes us smile or cry, makes us think or helps us to do our daily job.

We all love the free and open web but it comes with a hidden cost

Total number of websites

The web is this unprecedented huge free and open platform that for the first time in human history allows everyone to be a creator. But monetization of…


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