Solving America’s Top Fears by Tipping a Billion Websites

We all love the free and open web but it comes with a hidden cost

Total number of websites

Keep the web free and open using easy P2P micro-donations

Financial Times Sign Up Form

Long forms are a big hassle

Fear of credit card fraud tops terrorism

Top Fears of Americans

Awesome Internet Project

At and people who enjoy quality content support the creators directly with real value in a secure and easy way. So that they both can focus more on awesome content, instead of forms and ads.

The WeTipCoins Wallet Extension for Chrome and Chromium (soon Firefox & Mobile) lets you transfer real value to any website and also prove your new identity in a secure way.

the wallet inside your browser

the community platform Community Platform and Content Aggregator

the new ‘awesome’ button

the detrust

Watch how it works

Watch how to support artist and content creators directly with Bitcoin tips with the WeTipCoins Wallet

Solving America’s Top Fears




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