Salt Bae Your Career. Immediately!

Trust me. You’ll want to do this.

Can I ask you a question? Yeah? Okay, cool. Can you image anything more boring than being restricted to just one thing for the rest of your life? It’s like only being interested in reading Gothamist (I love you, Bub, but Gothamist?) or eating unflavored oatmeal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a life wasted.

That’s exactly what I think when the “what do you do” question comes up in conversation and the respondee says “I am THIS!”

One thing? You are one thing? I want to buy that guy a night’s worth of drinks when all he says is “I already have my dream job” and everyone reminds him that he’s a corporate research analyst.

Salt Bae that shit so I don’t fall asleep, please! You’ll have so much more fun. For example, wouldn’t it be so much better if the guy from my previous example said he was a corporate research analyst/whiskey distiller/certified massage therapist for aging cats? Maybe it’s not “better” but you know he gets into some crazy shit on the weekends and has officially piqued your interest.

I’m not saying you need to go viral to be successful. I’m also not saying it’s wrong to identify with a solo job descriptor. I’m just saying it’s boring AF if you do. What I’m saying is that you should inject your days with experiences that will make you seem like a rockstar to your family back home, Tinder dates and social media followers. And this isn’t just confined to the hours of 9-to-5. Salt Bae your life.

Now what does it mean to “Salt Bae” your life? I’m glad you asked.

  • Salt Bae, verb [pronounced sawlt bay]: to be and do you with no shame and live life by your own rules of style and grace

I guess I should talk about myself for a moment. By day, I’m a Senior Manager in the social media/digital space. Once the sun sets, things get a bit more interesting. I’m a blogger/photographer/sometimes vlogger/author (my debut novel will sit comfortably in the Young Adult section, thank you very much). Sometimes, I work with a guy based in Seoul who manages famous Korean pop stars. Apparently he likes the way I translate.

That last one is a lie but whatever. Everything else is true and I refuse to make apologies. I can’t be tamed!

On Sunday, I talked about when it’s time to quit your job. If you’re stuck in a boring job, find something that makes you tingle and brings you joy! Under no circumstances should you ever forget what you’re passionate about. Do it on the side. Do it once a week. Do it whenever you can. Just don’t forget about it.

I’m doing it right now with this 30 Day Writing Challenge. It’s only Day 04 but it feels great to be writing and publishing on a regular basis. If you’re doubting that you could Salt Bae your life, know that it’s normal but don’t get too caught up on it. We all struggle with self doubt. But also realize that you are not built to break or to give up. You’ve got this. And whenever you find yourself being followed by a dark cloud, just whisper “Salt Bae” to yourself and watch a double rainbow appear.

See you tomorrow for another post.