Friday Night Fights Goes Digital

Photo Credit: Friday Night Fights’ Facebook

“In the dark is where this light is harvested… in the deep corners of the soul, the late nights, the early mornings, the overtime in the ring, the hours on the bag…” captions this photo from Friday Night Fight’s Facebook page. I couldn’t agree more.

Last night onApril 29th, Friday Night Fights returned to Lucky Strike! 2 of the hardest hitting middle weights will stepped into the ring and rose to the challenge when Pawel Zawistowski and Chris Lukusa met. While the fight ended in a draw, it was the way the organization promoted the bout.

Using heavy social media, fans were greeted by Chang Beer’s official correspondent for the night, Phoenix Carenevale, who interviewed winners of each round and presented them with Chang Beer shorts. In addition, the interviews were all live streamed on FNF’s Facebook page, which was pretty cool, so while I was able to see the fight, fans who were unable to attend got to watch the post fight interviews on Facebook. The videos averaged about 500–1,000+ views each, so kudos to Chang Beer and FNF for doing this for the fight fans outside of NYC.

For those who got to attend the fight, there was plenty of actual Chang Beer to drink. I’m more of a craft beer guy, but the Chang was a surprisingly refreshing drink.

The next fight is for June at the Broad Street Ballroom. Visit for the full schedule.

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