Thai Food in NYC

Thai food in New York City is hard to come by. I’m not talking about the Thai food white people like eat with their delusions of what good cuisine is, I mean the real thing! I’m not Thai but I lived in Thailand for about 3 years in Surin and 8 months in Bangkok, so I like to think that I know what authentic food should taste like,

Now let’s talk about NYC. This is supposed to be the epicenter of everything, from food to fashion, yet why is it so hard to find good Thai food? That is until about a year ago when a crop of Thai restaurants opened up and introduced New Yorkers to Issan style food. This cuisine focuses on bold flavors and heavy spices, just the way I like it.

Somtum Der New York is a common “go to place” for this type of food in the city, and I don’t disagree. Their papaya salad is amazing. No one else beats it. But what really has me going is their sister restaurant, Kiin Thai Eatery. This place has similar style cuisine but introduces a Lanna flair to many of their dishes and is located near NYU. These colleges kids won’t know what they’re missing if they don’t stop here.

The restaurant launched a new Winer menu of dishes available for a limited time. I included two of my favorites below that I love:

Images provided by Kiin Thai Eatery

Spicy Papaya Salad with Crispy Salmon: To make the salmon ‘crispy’ requires a special cooking technique: roasting the salmon first and then fluffing the salmon into tiny cotton-like flakes. The result is a crispy, nest-like creation. When mixed with our famous papaya salad, the taste is very flavorful.

Images provided by Kiin Thai Eatery

Thai Shrimp Cakes: Tod Mun” is sold on the streets of Thailand and is a popular snack. There are many different recipes but the most common variant uses either shrimp or fish. ‘Tod’ means deep fried, ‘Mun’ means fatty (from the pork belly) and Goong means ‘Shrimp’.

So if you want real Thai food. Stop by Kiin Thai Eatery. You won’t be disappointed.

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