Stories: Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat

Snapchat was the first social media platform to incorporate stories for its users. So when Instagram and then later Facebook, came up with their own story option, many people believed it would be the end of Snapchat. However, it has come to the attention of social media experts that each platform has different user demographics and different uses for both personal and business purposes.

Through the story feature users are able to express moments in their day through images or videos that will disappear within 24 hours. Stories add value to a business’ social media strategy by incorporating real time moments and transparency. In addition, stories also let users update their followers on what they are doing throughout the day.

For businesses, the question of the matter seems to be which of these three platforms is the best one to use for this story feature. Well there are a few things to consider when deciding which platform to use for stories. First, the audience a business is trying to reach is crucial when deciding which platform to use for stories, as each social media site has different user demographics. Second, the kind of content a business is trying to share is also an important factor when deciding which site to use.

For personal use, stories seem to be very similar on all three of these platforms. However, I believe that the most important thing to consider is what kind of content you are sharing as well as the audience you want to share it to. For example, you would not want to share a story of yourself out on a Saturday night drinking and partying on your Facebook story if your Facebook is supposed to be professional or you have your parents on Facebook.

These are just a few things to consider when deciding which social media platform is the most ideal for people to use. In my opinion though, Snapchat will always be the winner.

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